Get ready to save some serious cash on your next breakfast—or breakfast dinner, because breakfast dinners are the best. On Tuesday, you can stag 60-cent pancakes at IHOP for this one day and one day only.

It’s pretty big milestone birthday time for IHOP: in celebration of the breakfast chain’s big 6-0, its iconic short stack of pancakes will cost a low, low price of 60 cents. Take advantage of this deal (at select locations) from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. on Tues., Jul. 17. That’s right. 60-cent pancakes all day—no coupon, no app and no other discount needed. Yay!

Oh, and if you got all caught up in the whole IHOP/IHOB controversy, don’t worry. The now-serving-burgers-too chain is officially back to being IHOP and IHOP only. That whole “we’re changing our name to IHOB” was a social media stunt designed to drum up awareness of the usually-breakfast chain’s new burger menu.

So go get a 60-cent short stack, have a burger and enjoy all the yummy goodness that the now-60-year-old pancake house has to offer.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: ArtCoreStudios via Pixabay 



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