photo: IKEA

You’ve spent what seems like half of your adult life building bookcases, beds and drawers using that little hexagonal wrench that IKEA likes to include with their boxed-up Swedish awesomeness. You used those mega arrows on the floor to find the perfect living room set-up. You located the bin and shelf number in their warehouse-style self-serve area. And then you took home your unassembled furniture. But now IKEA is saying you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the pictogram directions. Nope. Check out the new partnership that’s about to make your IKEA life less challenging!

So how is IKEA making it easier to out together their DIY assembly pieces? They’re partnering (or rather, buying) TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit helps their users to hire help when they need it to do activities such as cleaning or (in this case) assembling furniture.

Even though the service isn’t available yet, IKEA did test TaskRabbit in their London stores. Apparently, it was a success. The furniture giant has plans to go forward and complete their deal to buy the online on-demand helper service.

What do you think of having someone put together your IKEA furniture for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.