With stylish designs and unbeatable prices, IKEA is a go-to when it comes to furnishing a family home, but the idea of visiting that massive labyrinth of Scandinavian wares on a Saturday afternoon with kids in tow can be a little daunting. To solve this problem, the company will introduce IKEA mini stores.

After opening the largest IKEA ever built in the United States just two years ago, the company is changing course by launching new smaller stores. Following in the footsteps of Target, which similarly opened smaller format stores this past year, IKEA hopes the mini stores will help bolster a recent decline in sales. Having smaller stores means that they can squeeze more easily into dense city spaces.

While the mini IKEAs won’t be able to carry all the products that the large flagship stores can house, they will be easier to access and navigate on a quick shopping trip. The larger warehouse-like stores will still give customers a chance to browse all the wares when they want to, as will the company’s website. The other upside of more city-based locations is that IKEA can use them to fulfill those online orders faster.

At the moment these new mini stores will only be popping up in Europe, but if all goes well it’s only a matter of time before they start to roll out in the US as well. With the company able to open the smaller stores in a few months versus years, you likely won’t have too long to wait.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Michell Zappa via Flickr


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