photo: IKEA

Believe it or not, play isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Sure, it may seem like your kiddo is playing 24-7. But IKEA looked into adult’s attitudes on the subject (play, that is) and found that play is undervalued. That’s right, undervalued. In their new global “Play Report” IKEA found that play just doesn’t have the importance in modern-day life that it could, or should. And they want to do something to change it.

IKEA and the IKEA Foundation are launching their Let’s Play for Change campaign with all new play experiences in stores. From November 9 through December 24, IKEA stores across the globe will have activities and interactive games that provide their pint-sized shoppers with the chance to play.

On November 20, Universal Children’s Day, IKEA will host a global play date. This will include in-store activities and other activities, all for kids! Along with games galore, you can get 50% off all soft toys on Universal Children’s Day.

If you want to do something to help children lead meaningful, play-filled lives, 100% of IKEA’s U.S. proceeds from their 2017 plush SAGOSKATT collection will go towards Save the Children. These funds will go to help hurricane relief efforts in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico.

Do you think there’s enough play in your child’s life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.