Now you can skip paging through IKEA’s massive catalogs to shop the store. the Swedish retailer created a shoppable version on Pinterest and it’s going to make furnishing your home just that much easier.

According to Pinterest’s stats, the popular pin-board site reaches 83 percent of women 25 through 54. If you’re wondering why this is important to a company such as IKEA, 80 percent of all U.S. household buying is done by—you guessed it, women ages 25 though 54.

photo: Courtesy of IKEA

So what are these 25 through 54-year-olds using Pinterest for? Fifty-eight percent of the women surveyed (by Pinterest) report using the site for shopping and purchase decisions. With this stat in mind, it makes perfect sense IKEA would create a Pinterest-focused way for customers to find new products and shop the retailer.

IKEA’s Pinterest boards do more than just give shoppers generic ideas for room decor. Instead, users can customize their experience with a Pinterest product questionnaire. After providing info on personal preferences, IKEA will either fill in an automated Pinterest board or allow users to browse products and create their own with shoppable pins.

—Erica Loop



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