Get ready for an afternoon of IKEA assembly fun—no tiny hexagonal wrench needed! The Swedish furniture and home goods retailer has a self-assembly chocolate bunny just in time for Easter.

Like just about everything else at IKEA, the VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny is an assembly-required item. While you might not need to spend the afternoon figuring out what that sweet little stick man in the 10-page illustrated instruction manual is doing with wooden pegs, a hammer and a hexagonal wrench, the bunny isn’t a buy and eat treat.

Photo: IKEA

Your kiddo will get more than just an Easter basket goody with the VÅRKÄNSLA. Instead of just a sweet treat, they’ll also get a fun-filled holiday activity too. The self-assembly bunny comes in three parts to puzzle together!

Not only is the make-your-own bunny awesomely adorable, it’s a tasty addition to your fam’s Easter candy stash. The VÅRKÄNSLA bunny is made from at least 30 percent UTZ certified cocoa. UTZ certified cocoa is harvested and produced in a way that, “Ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers.”

Nab your very own self-assembly chocolate bunny in IKEA stores across the country for $4.99.

—Erica Loop



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