Count on simple, no-frills IKEA to get real when it comes to portraying single parenthood as it truly is. A new ad from the company skips the fluff in favor of realism and it will make you want to hug your kids tighter before you run out and buy some low-cost dishware.

Following a string of down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-really-is ads, as AdWeek reports, IKEA just released the latest in a campaign dubbed “Where Life Happens.” As a single mom arrives home with an arm-load of groceries, she discovers her apartment is a disaster and her kids are ignoring the mess. If that sounds at all familiar, then that’s exactly the point. Most advertisements tend to go light on reality and heavy on bright colors and impossibly clean floors. The idea behind the “Where Life Happens” campaign, however, is that real life is a little more messy.

Of course, the spot has a happy ending, because, well, it’s an ad, but the message rings true regardless. Life isn’t always perfect or easy, especially when you’re a single parent, but at the end of the day your family makes it all worthwhile.

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Featured image by Peter Hellberg via flickr