Welcome to Oakley and Leah’s cross country bicycle adventure. Starting in August of 2019 we will be cycling the Transamerica Bike Trail from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, Virginia. It will cover 4,400 miles over the course of three months. We have threatened to do this for years and now the time has come.

Oakley is a spirited 15-year-old boy who has always struggled to fit into the confines of mainstream culture. He is far too wiggly. He is a good kid, but trouble has followed him since the day he was born.

I am Leah, his 50-year-old mother. I seem to be chronically restless and long to experience every part of this world. Oakley has brought me immeasurable happiness and has also nearly been my undoing. We are at once both a perfect match and a horrid combination. Matches and gasoline.

We are excited.

We are terrified.

Let’s see how this story unfolds.