As our kiddos get ready to head back to school some of us are getting nostalgic—on Twitter. The #ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen hashtag is blowing up and it will totally take you back.

So what are ’80s and ’90s kids reminiscing about online? Check out the posts and pics that will make you squeal, “I remember too!”

Blockbuster Video

A typical Friday night? Long before Netflix allowed you to stream a gazillion flicks and shows on your smartphone, we had to head to Blockbuster.

Not So Cool Couches

This is what people did before IKEA was a thing.

Fave Toys

Did you have any of these playful picks?

Yellow Pages

Without Google we actually had to look up phone numbers—in a book.

Messaging Choices

Before the iPhone this is what we were left with.

Internet Connection

And forget about WiFi. Back in the day the Internet was all about dial-up. Sorry you can’t use the phone, mom’s online.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Better than Bacon via Flickr



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