July 8 is International Cat Day! So in honor of all things feline, we bring you this adorable compilation of cute cat-and-baby pictures.

photo: cats_of_instagram via Instagram

We’re loving this photo of a cat and baby duo raiding the fridge (though the cat needs to lay off the treats a bit).

photo: Itsmecarterlee via Instagram

Not sure which one wants in and which one wants out, but we love this pic of two friends touching hands between a windowpane.

photo: lily_grace_world via Instagram

This snoozing baby is sure to have sweet dreams now that her feline friend’s got her back.

photo: alokaporgatos via Instagram

Because, most likely, the cat came first, this couple makes sure to include both babies in their Instagram shots.

photo: kimlorib via Instagram

You tell us: which little cutie is happier in this picture?

photo: speerface via Instagram

This kitty’s belly is almost as cute as the baby’s. Almost.

photo: Liel Ainmar Assayag via Facebook

This kitty went from snuggling his mama-to-be’s pregnant belly to cozying up on top of the new baby, according to this Facebook post.

This baby girl needs to learn some kitten-cuddling etiquette, quick.

This is too cute.

Do you have a cat and a baby? Have you captured a pic of them together? Share it with us in the comments below.