“The struggle is real” they say when we share our struggles of motherhood. It doesn’t matter whether I’m talking about my struggles in the classroom, at home as a mother with three young children including a baby, or the balance of the two combined the struggle to get up and do it and make it through some days is real. Only those in the trenches know that feeling of being constantly knocked down, struggling back to your feet, to only be knocked back down again, but up you go over and over. Because we are the frontline.  As mothers we are leading and molding the way to the future of tomorrow and beyond.

As women we don’t only fight the war within ourselves with mommy guilt, gender expectations, and a boss’s demands but a society that for centuries has wanted to label us as weak and incapable yet here we are in the trenches day in and day out on the front lines waging a war for a better tomorrow for all of society. But some days we feel unheard, undervalued, and dismissed like our contributions, our struggles, our voice doesn’t matter.

We carry that badge of mother with honor, but let me tell you there are days we are tired, we are weary, we are unsure how we can even make it through another, but we are willing servants. Even when the demands are more than we have to give at times, and we are unsure who to serve first to all those that need something from us we continue to give until at times we lose ourselves for a moment.

To be here in the trenches of motherhood is a battle only those that are here can truly understand.  The struggle here in the trenches of motherhood is very real. All too often at the end of our days we lose sight for a moment, we question who we are, what we’re doing, if we’re doing the right or wrong things, where we’re headed. At some point in our journey we all painfully seek a sense of balance and peace.

But we will hold the line. Even on our most weary days we will continue on, we will give our best even when it doesn’t feel like enough, but in the end we’ll look back and know we fought the good fight.