If you’re headed to the movies this weekend to see the Incredibles 2, you’ll be seeing a warning sign before you enter the theater. After several complaints and calls for change on social media, Disney has reportedly asked theaters to post a warning before Incredibles 2 as sequences in the film that could potentially cause seizures. Representatives for Disney Pixar did not immediately return Red Tricycle’s request for comment.

Without giving away too much, several scenes, including one particularly long sequence, in the new Incredibles 2 include a bright, strobing light that can be harmful to sensitive viewers, like those with epilepsy. After some patrons went into epileptic seizure, theaters around the country began posting signs to warn viewers of the risk. The Epilepsy Foundation became aware of the situation and began issuing a warning of its own via social media channels.

“For those who have been diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy—or are simply sensitive to flashing lights—and are planning to watch the movie, they should be advised that the flashing lights may trigger seizures in some people,” the warning stated.

Disney itself has yet to issue a formal statement about the risk or explain why the film didn’t have a warning from the start. According to Variety, however, the company has contacted all theaters showing the film and asked them to notify patrons.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The Incredibles 2 via Facebook


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