Looking for a festive Fourth of July dish that even your even the littlest patriots can enjoy? While there are plenty of red, white and blue desserts out there, we’ve curated a list of treats that are kid-friendly (i.e. no booze or caffeine) and simple enough you can almost make them with one baby on your hip. Click through the gallery to choose a treat that even your baby can smash into his mouth.

Very Berry Cheesecake-Squares

A spicy gingersnap crust pairs with raspberry-sweetened cream cheese in these decadent dessert squares. They’re served chilled so they’ll help your child keep cool even at a hot outdoor BBQ. Head to Put on Your Cake Pants for the recipe.

Photo: Put on Your Cake Pants


What’s your little’s favorite festive treat? Tell us in a comment below.

— Eva Ingvarson Cerise