Whether it’s the change of season or just a space issue, you don’t have to have a huge plot of land to be a gardener. From dinosaur terrariums to a magnetic wall garden, we’ve got eight great ways for kids to get their hands (kinda) dirty. Read on for the details.

1. Make a Dinosaur Terrarium
Brought to you by horticulturist Katie Elzer-Peters, this fairy-sized and kid-friendly version of Jurassic Park makes an excellent indoor project. Click here for the full instructions.


photo: Katie Elzer-Peters

2. Paper White Bulbs in a Mason Jar
Soil free (say goodbye to itsy-bitsy pieces of dirt) and is easy as 1-2-3, this easy gardening project only requires three materials. In fact, it literally only takes three steps to finish up! Get our tutorial here.


photo: Erin Lem

3. Terrarium Wall Garden
Add a little green on your walls with this neat magnetic terrarium. This project by DIY blog Ruffled is extremely easy to maintain, which is great if your planter is forgetful when it comes to watering their leafy family member. Shimmy over to Ruffled for the 411.


photo: Ruffled

4. Indoor Succulent Garden
Yes, those are muffin tins! Re-home those cute, evergreen succulents into muffin tins, vintage cups or whatever simple knick knack you find at home. Check out how design blogger Jessica put hers together here.


photo: Jessica Designs

5. Re-Growing Vegetables from Scraps
Watch your peanut’s eye grow in amazement as you show them how vegetables scraps can produce fully fledged, edible plants. Stay at home mom and blogger, Erica of What We Do All Day, had a race with her kids to see which grew the fastest. Check it out here.

regrow veg plain

photo: What We Do All Day

6. DIY Zen Garden
Grab a container, sand, rocks from the park and a tiny rake to make a relaxing Japanese garden. Your toddler will have a blast making soothing shapes and marks in the sand. Check out this tutorial from art blog Paintspiration Art.


photo: Jason Parker-Burlingham via flickr

7. Decorate a Mini-Greenhouse
Let your artist go to town with a little interior and exterior design with their own mini greenhouse. This clear home from IKEA provides the perfect environment for seeds to sprout without trekking dirt onto your carpet. Crafty blogger Tania of Run to Radiance turned hers into a royal golden home, which you can see here. Available at ikea.com, $19.99.


photo: Run to Radiance

8. Wheat Grass Egg Planter
Bring a little spring into your home and into your early riser’s step with these wheat grass egg planters. Green shoots will come up within three days, and if your tot is feeling adventurous, juice your results! Check out the full tutorial over at Gardenista.


photo: Erin Boyle via Gardenista 

Tackled any indoor gardening projects with your lil’ one lately? Share them in the comments below!

— Christal Yuen