Business and marriage partners, Lizette and Giuseppe are the Co-Founders of infanttech and the creators of zooby Baby Monitor. Their journey began with something that many parents do on a regular basis: drive their baby. When Lizette shared her fears and frustrations about driving her baby with her husband, Giuseppe was inspired to solve the problem. And so, zooby Baby Monitor was born!

zooby® kin Baby Monitor is a wirless portable monitor that can be used in the car, at home, and on the go.
zooby is hands-down the easiest and safest way to check on baby in the car. zooby is crash tested, has night vision, and split screen capabilities so you can keep an eye on two little ones at the same time! No more turning around or struggling with distorted baby mirrors.

infanttech wants to bring not just peace of mind, but joy! We are all about family, education, quality and most importantly, safety.

-from Lizette Espinosa, infanttech
Online: https://www.infanttech.com