So you’ve helped your kid foster countless roly-polies, checked out library books on scorpions and spiders, watched Microcosmos with him a few dozen times, and still he craves more bug stuff. Take your child’s love of all things creepy and crawly  to the next level with a hands-on, insect immersion visit with Save Nature’s Insect Discovery Lab.

Save Nature, an organization that protects endangered species by purchasing and protecting their habitats all over the world, has an extensive living library of some of the world’s most unique and awe-inspiring insects. The group will bring the Insect Discovery Lab to your child’s classroom or birthday party, where an “insect educator” clues kids in on how to identify and classify certain bugs, then takes out some for kids to hold. Children ages three and up are captivated by the various insects, and the look of wonder on a child’s face as they study an African millipede or a whip scorpion up close is something every parent should get to see.

In addition to doing traveling shows, the lab is now offering in-house VIP lab tours, at their Dogpatch studio, for small groups (up to 8 kids). The VIP presentations last about an hour and a half and cost $325. This opportunity for each child to have time with each enormous walking stick or leaf beetle, with more in-depth information from the educator, would make an unforgettable (and eco-conscious) birthday gift. So tamp down your aversion to cockroaches (the Lab’s huge Madagascar hissing ones are more prehistoric natural wonder than ick factor) and sign up for a day at the Lab!

The best way to schedule the VIP Tour and/or Insect Discovery Lab presentation is by calling 415-648-3392, M-F between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.   Additionally, you may request both the VIP tour and the Insect Discovery Lab through our “Book the Lab” forms on the Save Nature website:

What theme is your kiddo asking for this year for his or her birthday bash? Is it a bug/insect theme? Share with us below!

— Sarah Bossenbroek