When you’re starting Baby with his or her first solid foods, you’re building a lifetime of favorite flavors and tastes with every “Here comes the airplane!” bite. When it comes to introducing their palate to an array of foods, and common allergens, Inspired Start baby food offers parents a simply brilliant—and delicious—solution.

With uber-yummy and baby taste-test approved recipes, their unique combos help you to introduce eight common allergens into any child’s diet. Read on to find out how Inspired Start is a great choice for your budding foodie’s young palate.


Early Allergen Introduction Made Easy

We get it: you want to do this whole “stage 1 foods” thing the “right” way. Fret not, parents: the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has stated that potentially allergenic foods can be introduced just like any other solid foods (at around four to six months of age). So, let’s get that worry off your plate and turn now what Inspired Start brings to your kiddo’s plate.

Each Inspired Start pouch pairs an organic fruit puree—apple, banana, pear or mango—with just a tiny amount of a single potentially allergenic protein. Pouches come in three packs: Pack 1 introduces peanut, egg, tree nut, and soy while Pack 2 introduces wheat, sesame, shrimp, and cod.

As with anything baby, it’s all about the baby steps—so, you can start with the recipes of Pack 1 before moving onto Pack 2. Once your kiddo has tried both packs, the Variety Pack gives you all eight recipes to choose from.

Babies Love It (No, Really!)

Every Inspired Start recipe—created with the help of leading pediatricians, allergists, nutritionists and lots of moms—has been taste-tested by actual babies! I can only imagine adorable little focus groups of babies, cooing their approval for their favorites and blowing raspberries for the flavors they didn’t like… Okay, maybe it didn’t look like that, but every Inspired Start recipe really does have the approval of actual babies.

It’s not just babies who love Inspired Start, either—the baby food startup has found 83 percent of parents would recommend Inspired Start to their friends and fellow parents. Inspired Start is definitely one of those products you’d gab to your local moms group about, especially if they see your little one chowing down during playdate time.

More Than Just Wholesome Ingredients

Forget lab coats and beakers and instead think aprons and grocery totes: each Inspired Start pouch is crafted from simple, non-GMO ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen. Of course, Inspired Start is even better than those ingredients you might have in your pantry or fridge because these pouches take it one step further and do the work for you. I mean, really—what new mom wants to puree boiled shrimp? And don’t even get me started on trying to mortar-and-pestle sesame seeds…

Another bonus? Six of the eight flavors are certified organic, too (the USDA organic program doesn’t certify seafood). If feeding your baby organic is important to you, Inspired Start is definitely the way to go.

But it’s not just about the delicious ingredients: Inspired Start infuses goodness into how it makes its baby food, too: each part of its supply chain has been vetted to ensure every vendor produces their ingredients responsibly, safely and in compliance with all FDA and government regulations. Personally, I’d feel extra good serving my kiddo such a great product—you might even think of every pouch as putting just a touch of good karma into your kid’s diet, too.

Benefits for the Big Kids, Too

While Inspired Start is a great choice for introducing food allergens to kids at an early age, these protein-packed pouches are also a great way to add protein to your big kids’ diets, too! The familiar pouch design makes it easy for baby fingers and little hands to hold. And as a mom constantly on the move, it makes it easy to just toss a couple of pouches in a diaper bag or purse when you’re on the go—because you never really know when your kid is about to go from 0 to hangry in a matter of seconds.

Buy Inspired Start now on Amazon Prime.

If you’re chomping at the bit to give your kiddo the best start to solid foods, this is the baby food for you—and more importantly, for your little foodie-in-training.

—Keiko Zoll