The holidays have come and gone and we’re hearing a familiar tune: the post-holiday, midwinter, return-to-school blues. Help your kids stay on track and feel inspired throughout the year by setting them up with a desk or workspace where they can keep their supplies and assignments organized. Whether they need a homework zone, a creative zone, or a bit of both, we’ve rounded up 21 seriously inspiring study stations.

Lofted Look

If your kid’s room doesn’t seem to have space for a desk, Crate and Kids has a cool solution with their Kids Uptown Loft Bed Desk that can be attached to the interior or exterior rail of their Uptown Loft Bed for a cozy study cove (as can a matching shelf for book overflow). A Kathleen Wills design, this look is clean and contemporary, while wall space can shine with personal touches like artwork, maps, or memo boards to spur on study sessions. See all the ways it works here.

Hallway Double Duty

We’re pretty sure you’re going to want to sit down and get some work done when you view this DIY of our dreams. The husband-and-wife design team behind Household No. 6 made use of an open hallway for a study station where all four of their kids would be comfortable, inspired and organized. We love how they incorporated black-and-white portraits of the kids to designate workstations, while sweet plants add fresh dashes of green to a color palette of cool blue walls, a rustic wood slab desk, and additional black-and-white hardware and rug. Take a full tour here

Ergonomic Ease

IKEA’s FLISAT collection is designed for kids ages three all the way on up to 12, so these pieces are meant to be versatile and customizable. They are also made of pine for a non-toxic study station. The legs on this FLISAT desk adjust to one of three heights to accommodate growing learners, while the top tilts for a fully ergonomic fit. It also conveniently holds a roll of drawing paper for artistic study breaks. If you want to round out the room with storage bins (on wheels!), a sweet book display, or a dollhouse-shaped wall shelf for books and other supplies, explore the entire collection.

Study Supply Hack

No matter what kind of study station you go with, knowing how best to stock it will help ensure it’s put to successful use when those first homework assignments start rolling in. As usual, Overcoming Chaos has taken care of that prep with a helpful inventory list and clever homework station ideas, from an easy-to-carry caddy or storage box for supplies that may need to be on the move, to her genius hack for making the most of vertical space. Yes, a multi-pocket shoe organizer is all you need. A see-through one makes for easy retrieval and return of pencils, scissors, index cards, and everything else on your list. She also has a super solution for putting this to use even if you don’t have a door near your study station. Learn more here.

Short and Sweet

Pottery Barn Kids’ Catalina Collection is a great option for quality and affordability. The new Catalina Simple Desk & Low Hutch comes in one of four finishes to go along with any décor, while its compact dimensions make it a good fit for just about any room, too. It even packs in vertical storage. The oversized nob on this large drawer also makes it easy for little hands to fully own and operate this space.

Make Space in the Cabinet

Have you tried setting up study stations in their rooms, but homework always ends up at the kitchen counter? Your kids, especially during early schooling, may just work better in a space where you can help them stay on task. So go with it and designate cabinet space to school and craft supplies. This design from Mullet Cabinet makes organization and storage a breeze, all in a separate section of the island so parents can still prep dinner and check in on that math problem. Because it's a shared space, kids can also be responsible for set up and clean up—and won’t waste any time hunting down that calculator for the next night’s math homework!

Workspace With a View

You can get creative with the spot you dedicate for homework. We love how Design Improvised set up this station by a window (it’s important to take those mental pauses to gaze and regroup). With a portable cart that’s labeled and well-stocked with everything little learners would need, a chalkboard calendar for keeping easy track of assignments, and a desk to call their own, they also have everything they need to get to work. Take a closer look at how it all came together.

A Crafty Corner

We love this genius setup from The Vintage Glitter House—a painted pegboard offers a fun pop of color as well as lots of space to hang supplies and decorations. That way, your kiddo's pencils, paper, and craft supplies will all be in one spot. To get all the details on how it's done, click here.

Built-In Workstation

Featuring a full-sized loft bed, drawers, a closet, and even electrical outlets, this all-in-one space was designed to make the most of minimal square footage. Created by New York-based architect Benjamin Marcus, who understands how to maximize the city's compact living spaces, you can check out this ingenious Child's Loft Bed from every angle here.

Seat Sacks

You don't have to carve out a ton of space in your house for a study station—these cute seat sacks by Scissors & Spatulas are super functional without taking up much room. With a little sewing know-how, you can make these in an afternoon, and the kids can stash their books and supplies inside. Click here to get the instructions.


Read 'Em and Weep

An awesome addition to any study station, this book setup from Good + Simple will help encourage reluctant readers. With sections for "currently reading" and "to read," it'll keep things organized while getting them excited about their next book. To learn more, click here.

(Closet) Office Space

An extra closet becomes a fun "office" space for the kids over at Look Linger Love. Clear plastic bins keep supplies organized and in view, and any mess is easy to conceal by shutting the door. Tucked in a corner of the playroom, you can take a closer look and tour the rest of the adorable space here.


Combination Work/Play Space

Brightly decorated in a sunny yellow palette, this combination playroom, craft area and study space is sure to inspire creativity. Designers from Milieu Design Group, Inc. added lots of fun details like curving track lighting and happy-hued knickknacks. This is one room kids may never want to leave! See every colorful corner here.

File Under Genius

Two ordinary filing cabinets became the base of this vibrant workspace for the lucky girls over at Northstory. Complete with homemade bulletin boards and lit shelves, this amazing desk is the ultimate in DIY. Check out the before and after and create your own with a complete tutorial here.


A Small Station

Any room in your abode can be the perfect study space with this portable homework station. Head over to The House of Smiths for the how-to.


Workstation Makeover

This awesome workspace is part of an IKEA makeover over at Put Up Your Dukes. Set up in her kids' shared bedroom, the desk is actually a foldaway dining table intended for use in small kitchens. Brilliant! Supplies hang conveniently from a kitchen utensil rack installed on the wall above. Check the rest of this incredible work-live-play space here.


Play School

Old-fashioned one-room schoolhouses served as inspiration for this adorable study space. Take a tour at Playful Learning.

Homework Hideaway

To help create a clutter-free zone in her daughter's room, the clever mom over at Organized Mom decided to mask the mess. With built-in shelving and fold-up base, this DIY desk easily folds up when not in use. Check out the before and after, and find instructions for creating your own hideaway desk here.

Study in Upcycling

When her growing toddler transitioned to a big kid bed, the handy mom over at A Little Learning for Two transformed her crib into a fun desk. Grab a piece of particleboard, chalkboard paint, and head over to the blog for the how-to.


Modern Studies

Slanted storage, intricate woodwork, and colorful stacked drawers make this modern desk awesome from every angle. Take a 360-degree look at this custom creation by Pebbledesign.


Homework Isle

This combination study space and craft area is perfect for group projects. The custom-designed craft/work island by Ellen Grasso & Sons features convenient storage space for each seat; supplies can be neatly stored until needed.

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini, Lauren Hill & Susie Foresman



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