The pandemic has brought about some unique shopping trends this year, and while sales of toilet paper may have calmed down slightly, Instacart has shared some other trends that continue to thrive.

In a new report, the grocery delivery company has found that Americans are prepping for the winter months by stocking up on pantry, freezer, home supply staples, vitamins, supplements and of course, disinfectants. All in all, the trends are not surprising given the impending flu season and America’s battle with the coronavirus.

photo: Anna Shvets via Pexels

Instacart Insights have demonstrated that people are looking for immune boosting products, with searches for products like “Vitamin D” and “Emergen-C” skyrocketing from 2019. Ironically, searches for over-the-counter medicine has dropped by 35 percent from last year. Instacart credits the likely surge of pandemic stockpiling as the culprit, with many American’s having a well-stocked medicine cabinet and no need for more products.

In a new twist, Pine-Sol sales have increased by 98%, likely due to the EPA approving the product as a COVID-19 disinfectant. So what’s the deal with toilet paper? Instacart reports that TP is once again seeing surge in searches, meaning folks are concerned of a shortage and craving a stockpile again.

And finally, searches for products like chicken broth, frozen veggies, oatmeal, juice, and crackers are trending upwards as we head into colder months. Are these indicators of a fear as we settle into the pandemic even further, or just preparation for chilly nights and flu season? We’ll have to wait and see!

––Karly Wood


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