When you don’t have time to grocery shop, let alone the time to wait around for a delivery, Instacart Pickup is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Being a mom often means shuttling from one place to another, whether it’s the school drop off line, work, soccer games, pick-ups from friends houses or any of the other dozens of things you drive your kids to and from. Now you can fill your trunk with groceries in the time it takes you to drive from one place to the next thanks to Instacart Pickup.

After a slow roll out to select cities, Instacart Pickup has officially launched to all Instacart customers across the United States and Canada. This new Instacart function gives users the ability to place a grocery order through the app and pick it up, rather than having it delivered. While many major grocery chains already offer their own pickup services, Instacart’s includes some unique features that are especially helpful to busy parents.

One of the best new features is the “Pick Your Pickup” Mapping, which allows users to select a pickup location most convenient to their route that day. Another helpful feature is the “On the Way” Alert, which allows users to enable location-based notifications to let the store know when they’re on the way and getting close. This means less time to wait on your items curbside when you arrive.

In addition to these features, Instacart Pickup also allows you to assign a friend or family member to pickup items and alcohol pickup is now available at more than 20 major chains including Aldi, BevMo!, Publix, Save Mart, Sprouts and Wegmans.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Instacart via PRNewswire



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