photo: Instagram

Instagram is getting a makeover. Kind of. If you’re all about hashtags then you know the frustration of having to scan through post after post, or sift through everything in the search section, just to find what you’re looking for. Well, now Instagram wants to make it easier on you. Yep, that’s right — now you can follow hashtags.

If this doesn’t seem like anything major, think again. Prior to this change you could only follow people and places. Basically, accounts. Now when you click on a hashtag or search for one, you’ll have the option of following it.

After following a hashtag, you’ll get posts in your feed that include it. So if you follow #kidscrafts, you’ll get a smattering of posts that feature, you guessed it, kids’ crafts. But, let’s say, you follow #summerfun — because you want to see posts of summertime fun activities the kids can try out. While you get plenty of pics of kiddo’s making sandcastles and outdoor sprinkler game ideas, you also get random posts that feature 20-year-olds in itsy bitsy bikinis or muscley dudes drinking on the beach.

Nope. Those aren’t what you were looking for. And that’s why you’ll see a button above the posts to tell IG that you don’t want to see these types of posts. Basically, you’re training Instagram to only show you what you want to see.

Which hashtags will you follow now? Tell us in the comments below.