photo: Sudden Coffee Facebook page

Mornings can be hard when you’ve got kids to wake, dress and feed before getting everyone out the door in working order. So if you’re anything like us, (downing) that morning cup of coffee is a necessity if the Littles want to see “Nice Mommy” anytime before noon. But how’s a busy mom supposed to get the perfect cup of coffee brewed when mornings are already a whirlwind?

Enter Sudden Coffee, a new kind of instant coffee that actually tastes good. Even better, it’s an instant coffee that can be sipped hot or cold (perfect for summer!). The secret, say the makers of the stuff, is that Sudden uses only single origin beans that are roasted in small batches at the right temperatures and freeze-dried in equally small batches to preserve flavor. The individual serving pods are then vacuum sealed to keep the taste fresh.

Critics are loving it. Food & Wine magazine writer Noah Kaufman called it “hands down the best instant coffee I’ve had. And, InStyle writer Shalayne Pulia recently wrote a rave review about the stuff.

“After years of suffering through instant mixes that are either far to bitter or far too tasteless to be considered true coffee at all, I’ve fallen for this instant cup-o-joe that’s actually drinkable,” Pulia said in her review. “It’s better than drinkable; it’s well balanced (not too watery, not too sharp) and remarkably easy to make.”

How It Works
Here’s the bad news: sudden isn’t sold in stores. You’ve got to subscribe to the service to receive anywhere from 8 to 32 cups of stylishly-packaged, recyclable tubes of instant Joe per month (you can order in boxes of 8, 16, 24 or 32) at a cost of $19 to $76.

Hint: Want a taste? Consider Sudden’s 2-cup trial subscription for $6.

Broken down, this means Sudden pods cost between $2 and $3 per cup. And while that may seem expensive for a mug of instant coffee, consider that the company uses only “ethically sourced” beans.

“We want to make sure our farmers are paid wages that can support their families,” it says in the FAQs section of the website. “It is difficult to make it cheaper without reducing quality or stopping ethical sourcing practices (something we value).”

Would you be willing to give this instant coffee a try? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.