Let’s face it: instant pudding is the lazy person’s dessert and we are totally fine with that. But what if we told you that those magic little packets can not only make pudding immediately, they can also elevate your other desserts with minimal effort? Impress your family, your friends and your co-workers with these simple but oh-so-effective pudding hacks. Scroll down to learn more.

photo: Kevin Micalizzi via flickr


1. Add it to cookies.

Adding a pouch of pudding mix to any cookie recipe will take your cookie from yum to OMFG in seconds. Literally, seconds. Try out these Peanut Butter S’more Cookies from Chef in Training.

2. Add it to cake.

If you are making a chocolate cake from scratch or a mix, just make a quick batch of pudding and stir it in. Cut back a little on the other wet ingredients as needed. Or, if you’re really feeling low-key, just dump the package into the cake mix for flavor. Add milk instead of water if you want to blow their cake-eating minds. And yes you can, and should, also try this with brownies. 

3. Inject it into cupcakes. 

There are two ways to go about getting pudding inside your cupcakes. The easy method: slice off the tops and gently scoop out a spoonful of cupcake and then glob in a spoonful of pudding in its place. Replace the cupcake top and frost. The next-level method: using a baster or (better yet) a culinary syringe, shoot pudding inside your cupcake. This will be less of a filling and more of an overall moistening. And that is ay-okay.

4. Make frosting with it.

Since you’re going for it, add any flavor pudding mix to your basic frosting (powdered sugar and milk). Take it old-school and simple, like Spoon University and add Cool Whip too.

5. Pudding pops, of course.

We know, you already know you can turn instant pudding into popsicles. But did you know you can toss pudding mix, strawberries and milk into a blender and then pour into the molds for strawberry pudding pops? Apply this same theory to raspberries, coconut or whatever you fancy.

6. Yo, gurt! Plus, a fakeout.

Stir a couple teaspoons of instant chocolate pudding mix into plain or vanilla yogurt for a chocolate pudding vibe with a few less calories and sugar. Want to go lower? Just use cocoa powder mixed into your yogurt and call it pudding. They will probably not notice.

7. Layer it on.

Did somebody say parfait? Get crazy with your pudding and other yummy stuff layers to customize just the way kids like it. Just whip up a batch of your fave instant pudding, then grab a few glass jars or wine glasses. Add your pudding to the bottom and alternate with layers of whipped cream and your choice: we love cake chunks, cookie crumbles, fresh fruit, donuts, cinnamon rolls and even candy bars. Nobody said this would be low fat.

What are your favorite instant pudding hacks? Tell us in a comment below.