Outdoor exhibits are an awesome (and free!) way to invite art into a kid’s life. Add in a H2O feature that encourages play and you’ve got a seriously cool way to inspire your Jackson Pollock protégé. From walking on water to spouting faces and more, flip through the album below to see our favorite interactive water installations.

The Passage – Chattanooga, Tn

Created as a memorial in honor of the Trail of Tears, the Passage is also a work of art. There are seven, six-foot ceramic disks that tell the story of the Cherokee Nation and seven, 14-foot tall stainless steel sculptures of stickball (a game of major importance in Cherokee culture) players along the wall facing the river. Historians and art lovers of all ages can choose between walking on the dry steps or cooling off in the waterway that ends in a fountain. We have a good feeling which option the kids will pick!

Online: chattanoogafun.com/history/thepassage

photo: Erik Hersman via flickr

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—Gabby Cullen