Outdoor exhibits are an awesome (and free!) way to invite art into a kid’s life. Add in a H2O feature that encourages play and you’ve got a seriously cool way to inspire your Jackson Pollock protégé. From walking on water to spouting faces and more, flip through the album below to see our favorite interactive water installations.

Fountain of Rings – Atlanta, Ga

Four time a day. 365 days a year. That’s how often the water show spouts off at Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta. Your little ones can cool off while they jam out to tunes like Chariots of Fire and Under the Sea, all in the shape of the Olympic rings. This attraction is one of the hottest Atlanta tourist spots so expect a bit of a crowd on sizzling summer days.

Online: centennialpark.com

photo: James Emery via flickr

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—Gabby Cullen