Outdoor exhibits are an awesome (and free!) way to invite art into a kid’s life. Add in a H2O feature that encourages play and you’ve got a seriously cool way to inspire your Jackson Pollock protégé. From walking on water to spouting faces and more, flip through the album below to see our favorite interactive water installations.

Vaillancourt Fountain – San Francisco, Ca

You can find this controversial work of art by Canadian Armand Vaillancourt where the Embarcadero and Market Street meet in downtown San Francisco. A standout aspect of Justin Herman Plaza, the fountain is a welcome sight for ferry passengers and the maze-like design invites kids to jump, skip and hop down a few steps before racing along the water-level paths.

Online: sfrecpark.org/justinhermanplaza

photo: Adriel Hampton via flickr

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—Gabby Cullen