Outdoor exhibits are an awesome (and free!) way to invite art into a kid’s life. Add in a H2O feature that encourages play and you’ve got a seriously cool way to inspire your Jackson Pollock protégé. From walking on water to spouting faces and more, flip through the album below to see our favorite interactive water installations.

Treasures From Grandma’s Purse – The Woodlands, Tx

Grandma’s purse is always filled with odds and ends; your kids can find what she’s left behind while enjoying a splash in the fanciful mosaic art piece designed by renowned artist Dixie Friend Gay at Waterway Square in The Woodlands, a Houston suburb . A bronze purse is actually positioned on a nearby bench and the odds and ends—keys, melted popsicles, toys, cars, combs and more—can be found within the mosaic. The jump fountains send water in diagonal arches across the play area and lights up at night, adding to the artistic fun. 

Online: visithewoodlands.com/waterwaysquare

photo: courtesy The Woodlands CVB

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—Gabby Cullen