If you’ve been wondering, “Is Reese Witherspoon pregnant?” the 42-year-old actress answered the question herself on Instagram this week. OK! Magazine latest cover features the Big Little Lies actress, along with pal Jennifer Garner, claiming both friends are pregnant right now. Judging by Witherspoon’s rad reaction, the mom of three knows how to shutdown pregnancy rumors in the best way possible.

This isn’t exactly the first time the tabloids have got it wrong. Celebs are constant targets for pregnancy rumors, making news for doing nothing more than eating a big meal or wearing a not-so-flattering dress. Stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz have been dodging these types of expecting accusations for years.

More recently, Lady Gaga faced her own not-so-real rumors about a possible pregnancy. The superstar singer/actress put an end to those by promoting her next musical effort, tweeting that she’s actually pregnant with #LG6 (her soon-to-be-released album).

Witherspoon didn’t take the same approach as Lady Gaga, but her social media share was just as effective. The actress-mama Instagrammed a pic of the tabloid cover, asking Garner if the pair could raise their “imaginary babies” together! Garner commented on Witherspoon’s post, adding that the pair should just move in together now and become the “cutest imaginary family.”

Other celeb friends commented on the rumored pregnancy, with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar offering to imaginary baby sit and Ali Wentworth suggesting that she throw the imaginary shower!

—Erica Loop

Featured photos: Reese Witherspoon via Instagram



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