We’ve probably all been there. You wear a questionably high-waisted shirt or a not-so-body-hugging dress and someone sweetly asks, “When are you due honey?” Oh, but the rub is, you already had your baby—a few years ago. The TODAY Show’s Savannah Guthrie shot down pregnancy rumors recently after a similar situation.

When the co-host, and mama to two, went on air Tuesday morning rumors began flying. Yep, the social media mill got at it speculating on whether Guthrie was or wasn’t concealing a baby bump under her dress.

As it turns out the 46-year-old is not actually preggo. Guthrie responded to the pregnancy rumors with a sense of grace and humor that many of us mamas just wouldn’t be able to show in a similar situation. The anchor tweeted, “It is just the dress. Excuse me while I go burn it.” Along with tweet Guthrie also Insta-ed her way to our hearts, posting a so, so, sooooo true chart of when it’s okay to ask a woman if she’s pregnant (hint: the answer is NEVER).

Along with clearing up the pregnancy rumors on social media, Guthrie sweetly said on TODAY, “We have the best viewers, they’re so nice. And they were so cute. They were like, ‘Congratulations’.” Guthrie added her hilarious response to the not-so-welcome wishes of, “Congratulations on my second gym membership.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Savannah Guthrie via Instagram


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