This is not your grandma’s Seder. No way. With kosher for Passover sushi and lasagna, you’re about to celebrate the holiday in a totally new way. Yeah, yeah, you have to trade your crusty rustic Italian bread for the yeast-free version. And hey, you don’t have to wander the desert without the ability to let the dough rise. But now New Jersey-based Kayco has something to make your Passover Seder… um, different?

What’s on the table for your Seder? Well, there’s the matzah. And there’s also a shank bone, egg, bitter herbs, saltwater, mortar-esque charoset and leafy greens. And of course, sushi and lasagna. Wait… sushi AND lasagna? Yep.

photo: PRNewsfoto/Kayco

Even though sushi and lasagna are far from a Passover tradition of the old, these meals might just be something that your family will enjoy. Kayco’s riced cauliflower may not be what your kiddos expect. But making kosher sushi with mom is something that they don’t exactly get to do every day.

Oh, you say the kids aren’t into sushi? That’s okay. Kayco’s lasagna and fusilli are a few other kosher items that no one will expect to see on the Passover Seder table.

Along with their totally tasty new offerings, Kayco is partnering with to feature new kosher (of course) recipes. Cookbook author (of Perfect for Pesach) and celebrity chef, Naomi Nachman, said (in a press release), “Many of this year’s new Passover products allow us to push culinary limits and create holiday menus that are both contemporary and gourmet.”

What’s your favorite family Passover recipe? Share your top pick with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Raw Pixels via Unsplash


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