While the task of cleaning the Disney streets might not seem like the most interesting job in the world, it’s an undiscovered attraction. In fact, mop artists seem to be masquerading as Disney janitors in order to paint your favorite Disney characters on the street — using water only!


Reddit user TheVantasy posted this album for our enjoyment this week. After a 20 minute lesson on how to draw Mickey, she then taught herself how to create the rest of the characters. Mickey and Donald faces only took her a few seconds, but more complicated characters like Simba take several minutes.


If you happen to meet two custodians, see if they’ll indulge in a little drawing battle. At the end of the round, the audience gets to declare a victor!


The best part? Kids can request their favorite character.


Some custodians even have a pact not to draw each other’s “signature characters.” TheVantasy was good at drawing more unknown characters, like Lady from Lady and the Tramp.


Look, it’s Mike Wazowski!


And Carl from Up!


This Sebastian drawing is pretty incredible.


Photo: Whacksalot via imgur

Next time you see the custodians out, don’t be afraid to ask for a character drawing. Although you might have to guard their progress from any innocent or oblivious power walker who passes by. After all, this is one of Disney’s best kept secret.

Every second in Disney is truly magical! Have you figured out all the hidden secrets to Disneyland yet?

— Christal Yuen

All photos courtesty of TheVantasy via imgur