Jay-Z’s greatest hits are making their newest debut–remastered and remixed–as lullabies. Everyone’s fave hip hop pop already made his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, a billboard celebrity overnight, so we like to think that the guy knows a thing or two about kid-inspired music. So while your kid is falling asleep to the lyrical wordplay of the King of Rap’s greatest hits she can dream about her 99 Problems. Baby’s have a Hard Knock Life, after all.


What’s the scoop?
Before you go thinking the Jiggaman is making the jump into kid’s music, we’re here to tell you to slow your role. Being a full-time daddy has got Jay-Z a little busy at the moment, which is why Rockabye Baby stepped up to produce a Jay-Z inspired lullaby album entitled (what else?) Lullaby Renditions of Jay-Z. Featuring 12 of his billboard topping hits, all performed as instrumental lullabies, this album will have you serenading your little one to sleep with your best best raps. Can we get an H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A?

What does it sound like?
If you’ve ever listened to any of the lullaby renditions from Rockabye Baby, then you know that they trade out screaming guitars, gut-busting drums, and in the case of Jay-Z, inappropriate language, for calming xylophones and gentle bells. Also, they turn the volume “down from an eleven to a two.” The music has all the elements of the original songs, only they sound like they’re played through a nursery mobile.


The Jay-Z album will soon join the ranks of Rockabye Baby’s library that already includes everything from Elvis to Prince and Nirvana to the Beach Boys. Does your hip-hop baby need something to fall asleep to in the mean time? Check out the Kanye West lullaby album to tide her over until next month.

Find It:
The album drops on July 9, 2013 so pre-order your copy today and practice your rhymes and hooks so you can rap just like the Greatest Daddy Rapper Alive.

What artist would you like to hear remixed into a lullaby?

— Scott Wardell

photo credit:  Adam Glanzman & Rockabye Baby