Wow your kids with this whimsical sea inspired dessert. Watch as a simple jello treat will turn an otherwise boring day, into a grand adventure. Get creative with your toppings and see how wacky and wiggly your fish bowls can be.

1 package of clear plastic cups
1 package of Swedish fish
1 box of blue raspberry jello
1 box of chocolate straws
2 tablespoons of sprinkles

1. Make the jello first and portion it out into each individual clear cup. Allow the jello to set in the fridge for about 3 hours prior to your event . The more you whip the jello, the more bubbles will form on top, which creates an even more sea like ‘foamy’ illusion.

2. Adding the Swedish fish is the trickiest part, because if you add them too early they will sink to the bottom. Try making an extra cup so that you can use it as a tester. Add the fish to each ‘fish bowl’ about an hour out from making the jello.

3. Add the chocolate straws right before serving and garnish with sprinkles.

Did you try making this fun dessert? Tell us about it below!

photo and recipe courtesy of Asha Grinnell