After a long summer filled with fun activities, it can be a relief to send the kids back to school––but it can also feel a little bittersweet once the house is empty. Jennifer Garner’s back-to-school meme captures this feeling perfectly.

Mom of three Garner took to Instagram to share her thoughts on sending her kids back to school. Like many moms, she is clearly filled with a mixture of excitement and sadness, which her Spongebob meme sums up pretty well. “It was time, Lord, yes. But why does the house feel so empty?” she captioned the post.

This isn’t the first back-to-school meme Garner has nailed. Last year she shared an equally hilarious post on what moms look like at the start of summer versus the end.

The caption included the hashtag #iwillmissthembut. Yup, momming can definitely be a complex rollercoaster of emotions.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Jennifer Garner via Instagram



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