Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn’t exactly an everyday event. And Jennifer Garner’s sweet message to her kids during her Star’s unveiling only added to the excitement of the occasion!

During the star-studded ceremony, Garner gave an awesomely heart-felt speech. Of course, Garner wasn’t all about being serious the whole time. When thanking her niece and nephew for missing their first day of school to be there, she added (with a laugh), “Because in the Garner family fame matters more than education. Obviously that’s not true, they’re equal.”

But Garner did take a turn for the serious when she spoke to her children. “For my children, when you walk over this star I want you to remember first of all that I love you.” She also added, “And that this is about hard work and good luck and not a whole lot else. You define me, not this wonderful spot on the pavement.” Watch the whole speech below:

Aww. Now that’s one sweet speech!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jennifer Garner via Instagram



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