Actress, mama, activist. At least, an activist when it comes to the causes that her kids are into. Jennifer Garner’s kids participated in “Blessings in a Backpack” and the mega-star mommy was there to help. Garner recently posted pics on Instagram of her children’s school and the good that they’re doing.

Jennifer Garner is kind of a regular mom. Sure she’s a famous celeb. But lately, she’s been posting on social media about her oh-so-typical mama activities. Case in point, recently the actress posted IG and FB pics of herself helping her daughter’s Girl Scout troop by selling cookies.

Well, now Garner is at it again. This time it’s not Girl Scout cookies that are on her agenda. Instead, she’s helping her kids (and their school) with their “Blessings in a backpack” project. Garner captions her Instagram post, “Kids have giant hearts for one another. Yesterday, our school’s kindergarten, 3rd and 6th graders organized and packed 391 bags of food for @blessingsinabackpack, who provide meals on weekends for some of the 13.1 million children in the U.S. who might otherwise go hungry.”

Garner’s post doesn’t just show the world that she’s more than an in-the-spotlight star. It puts her desire to do good on total display. And this doesn’t just include the fact that she went out and helped her kiddos’ school. By posting the pics on IG, Garner is helping to raise awareness for “Blessings in a  Backpack” and the work that they do.

Have you helped your child with a charity or community service project? Share your story in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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