Friends star Jennifer Aniston just joined Instagram and her pal, and clearly biggest fan, Jennifer Garner welcomed her with an awesome LEGO Friends re-creation.

The actress had previously shared the addition of her new Friends LEGO set in an Instagram post and in a new video she used that set, which features all of the characters in Central Perk, to recreate one of the show’s famous episodes.

In the video posted to Instagram Garner voices every cast member in a hilarious recreation of the Friends episode titled “The One With the Embryos” which is more famously known as the episode featuring the big quiz game. It’s packed with some of the best moments and lines of the show and Garner nails them all in her fitting tribute complete with a laugh track.

The post received plenty of well-deserved praise including a comment from the Instagram newbie herself, Aniston who wrote “Genius,” followed by a handful of applause emojis. If only you could get a Emmy nod for an Insta video.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Karin Liu via Flickr



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