Movie stars… They’re just like us, right? Even an actress, mama and all-around celeb like Jennifer Garner needs some serious organizational help. Ah, if only Garner could give Marie Kondo her junk drawer!

In a recent Instagram post, Garner shared a clip of herself rummaging through her junk drawer—probably not unlike the ones we all have. Whether it’s in your kitchen or in your closet, it’s THAT place that holds your stash of random. Garner was not having it.

So what does Garner have in her junk drawer? Well, according to the video, she’s got everything from Invisalign teeth-straightening trays to a rain bonnet, because those are a thing apparently.

Having a junk drawer isn’t the only way that celebs are just like us regular ol’ mamas. Garner, like plenty of us, is also a fan of Netflix’s hit show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Along with the video clip, Garner also added the caption, “@mariekondo—I’m all about it. #doubloonsparkjoy #junkdrawer #canyoucomeover.”

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Karon Liu via Flickr



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