Jennifer Garner is back at it again. No, she’s not making a new movie or reviving her Alias role of Sydney Bristow. Instead, she’s giving us her joyous little “Pretend Cooking Show” again. Even though she may not be on the Top Chef level of culinary talents, Garner can make some pretty sweet baked goods. At least it looks that way on Facebook.

Garner’s first episode tackled the Barefoot Contessa’s (a.k.a. Ina Garten) honey white bread. Well now, she’s whipping up Zoe Nathan’s Huckleberry English Muffin recipe. Yum!

Th actress admits, “I never said I was a pretty baker” when it comes to how her muffins turn out. But that doesn’t stop her from admitting the total awesomeness that everyone will think when they taste them. After prepping the dough the night before, a giddy Garner exclaims, “And they’re going to be everyone’s favorite.”

Sadly Garner can’t try the English muffins herself. In the video she adds, “I’m doing this movie and I’m not supposed to eat carbs.” But that probably won’t stop her kiddos from trying their mama’s delish breakfast treats.

If the video inspires you to bake up a batch of your own English muffins, Garner oh-so-nicely includes the recipe in her Facebook post, along with a link to Nathan’s cookbook.

What’s your favorite breakfast recipe? Share your pick in the comments below.