Every year Jennifer Garner has a “Yes Day.” Okay, so this isn’t exactly a brainstorm on Garner’s part. Started by the Amy Krouse Rosenthal book Yes Day! this tradition is one that some parents choose to celebrate annually. Seriously, one day of yes’s a year is enough. Not only did Garner recently celebrate her family’s very own “Yes Day,” but she snapped a pic of her post-yes self and put it on Instagram for everyone to see.

So, it’s pretty obvious that a day filled with only saying yes to your kids would leave you looking rather…well, not so fresh-faced. Garner’s IG selfie shows an obviously sleep-deprived version of the typically red carpet ready actress. Of course, even though she’s probably going on only a few hours of sleep, Garner still looks fab.

If you’ve never held your own “Yes Day,” take a page from Garner and start doing it right now. Why? Think about all the no’s your kids hear every day. How many times have you said that magic word (no) to your kiddo? Then add on how many times she hears it at school or anywhere else she goes.

A “Yes Day” gives kids the chance to make their own choices and live out their dreams — even if it’s just for 24 hours.

Have you held a “Yes Day” of your own? Tell us in the comments below.