Parents are so embarrassing! Even celeb parents. When actor Jerry O’Connell tried to school his kiddos on one of Prince’s epic hits (“When Doves Cry”), what happened next is pure comedy.

O’Connell recently posted a clip of himself driving his children to school with the caption, “Teach Your Children.” As one of his daughters screams, “Turn it down,” O’Connell responds, “This is real music!”

As “When Doves Cry” plays in the background, O’Connell sings the lyrics and says, “Listen to it.” Of course, the more his kiddos plead for him to stop, the more the actor/dad sings.

Not only does O’Connell keep singing, but he also plays with Prince’s lyrics, adding in a bit of a dad joke. Instead of, “Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold,” O’Connell croons, “Maybe I’m just like my father, too bald.”

Check out the full clip on Twitter—where O’Connell has now change his profile pic to one of Prince!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jerry O’Connell via Instagram 



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