What’s life like with a newborn? Well, new mom Jessica Alba just showed us all what it’s like for her. The mama to three recently posted an Instagram pic of her post-preggo self cuddling up with her baby, Hayes. Yeah, yeah, we know that it’s not exactly breaking news when a celeb posts a mom and baby selfie on IG. But Alba’s post was so IRL mama that we just have to loooooooove it.

Let’s start with Alba herself. Sure, she could have had some fancy shmancy style team make her up and do her hair. After all, being in the public eye isn’t easy (and most superstars seem to like looking their best). But Alba seems to be more into the mom life than being a glamazon. The Insta-selfie features an unmade-up Alba, looking oh so natural. Applause for the pretty lady who just had a baby, but still looks totally rad in a completely normal and au naturale way.

Not only does Alba look like one of the many regular ol’ new mamas, but she’s also acting like one. She writes (in her Instagram post), “Tuesdays/all the days w my Hayes #chillin watching @graceandfrankie.” Yep, that’s right — Alba’s spending her post-pregnancy days binge-watching her fave show and showing us that she’s kind of just like us.

How did you spend your first few post-pregnancy weeks? Share your story in the comments below. —Erica Loop


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