Jessica Alba. She’s an actress, an entrepreneur and a mom to two. Scratch that, mom to three. At least, soon. Alba and hubby Cash Warren are already parents to two adorable daughters — Honor, 9, and Haven, 6. So when Alba revealed that she was preggo again, fans speculated on whether the mama was going for a daughter trifecta. Could it be, three girls? Or would the soon-to-be parents break the cycle and have a boy? Well, we can all share in their baby joy and get a glimpse into Alba and Warren’s super-sweet gender reveal.

Earlier in the week Alba posted an Instagram video of herself and daughters Honor and Haven gleefully giggling as they revealed the newest member of their clan’s gender.

The trio stood outside, under a box. Umm, an Honest Company box — why not get in some extra promotion, right? As Alba’s daughters pull the streamers on the box it opens up and released a flood of blue balloons and confetti.

Yep, Alba and Warren are having a baby boy! With all of the girlieness that’s probably going on in the Alba/Warren household, dad is probably pretty stoked to finally have a boy. Okay, so it seems like the whole family is majorly excited too.

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