Soon the snow will be falling and your baby needs…umm, winter time diapers? Okay, so your baby doesn’t exactly need winter-themed diapers. But given the chance to celebrate the season with sweet little diapers that have adorable winter designs, why not? Right? Well, if you want to dress-up baby’s bottom in something super-snowflakey special, check out what Jessica Alba just unveiled.

We all know Alba, the actress. But let’s not forget that she’s also Alba, the entrepreneur. And of course, Alba the mom. Recently Alba, the entrepreneur, revealed The Honest Co.’s winter diapers. No, these aren’t super-warm, coat-like diapers. They’re the regular Honest Co. diapers.

So what’s so “winter” about them? These diapers have cute little snowflake designs. And not only are these special edition diapers sweet for the season, but they’re also super-absorbent and not so bad for the planet. Like the other Honest Co. diapers, the winter designs are made from sustainable materials. Their core’s fluff pulp comes from sustainably managed forests.

If your baby is sensitive (and what baby doesn’t have sensitive skin?), these little gems are made without latex, have no synthetic fragrances and are lotion-free.

Alba recently announced the addition of the winter diapers during a reveal event. With help from her two daughters, who are too old to actually use the product, Alba posted a cute chaotic look at the unveiling on Instagram.

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