There’s no doubt seven-year-old Jeremiah has the coolest mom—because she just helped her team to win the World Cup!

Jessica McDonald isn’t just “mom goals,” she scores goals too. Even though she’s one of the best soccer players on the globe, this working mama still has time for her kiddo. As the only member of the team with a child, McDonald had the awesome opportunity to show her son what she does for a living on a world stage.

McDonald, who brought Jeremiah with her to watch the World Cup action in France, told the Associated Press, “He doesn’t fully understand, but at least he’s at an age right now where he’s actually going to remember this.” She also added, “He’s going to look back and be like, ‘Wow, I was there. Wow, my mom actually is cool—like she said.”

We’re not the only ones in total awe of this World Cup-winning mama. Her teammate Morgan Brian told the AP, “It’s pretty remarkable when you think about it and know how much we sacrifice and we put into this team and how much effort off the field that we have to give, and to know that her time is limited off the field and recovering and doing all the things that she needs to do. It’s pretty impressive that she’s here at this level.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jessica McDonald via Instagram 



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