Following a week-long hospitalization for bronchitis, celeb mama-to-be Jessica Simpson is finally back at home. The singer, designer and mom to two hasn’t exactly had the easiest pregnancy this time around—and we totally feel for her.

Simpson’s pregnancy woes aren’t new. After announcing her pregnancy last September, the celeb’s Instagram feed became a sounding board for her tough time. In January, Simpson posted a pic of her super-swollen feet, asking her followers for help. Even though the swelling went down, her pregnancy problems didn’t end there.

In February, Simpson posted another pic of a problem. This time the mama showed off her brand-new recliner—purchased to help with the severe acid reflux.

The star’s current battle with bronchitis, which she also ‘grammed, isn’t the first during Simpson’s pregnancy. According to her post, this her fourth go-round with the illness in the past two months. Fortunately Simpson is on the mend and, again according to her IG post, baby Birdie is “doing awesome!”

You’re in the home stretch, mama!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jessica Simpson via Instagram



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