Fans of Jimmy Fallon’s quirky humor will be excited to know that he’s got a second children’s book coming out, and this one is all about Mama.

“A lot of people asked me, ‘Jimmy, where’s the book for moms?'” Jimmy said when he announced the book on The Tonight Show. “I realized even though I forced my second child to say Dada as her first word . . .  every other object that mattered in her life was Mama.”

“Everything Is Mama,” illustrated by Miguel Ordóñez, chronicles various adorable animals trying to teach their babies that there are words other than “Mama” for familiar objects and activities.

Jimmy’s first book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada was a New York Times bestseller, and fans should expect no less from the second.

“It’s interesting enough to keep your kid’s attention and enjoy reading but short enough that you can get them to sleep and get the hell out of the bedroom,” said Jimmy, who was inspired to start writing children’s books by his two daughters, Winnie Rose, 3, and Frances Cole, 2. “I know from experience.”

The book can be pre-ordered online at or at It will be released October 10.

Click on the Youtube video below to see Jimmy introducing the book on The Tonight Show.

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