photo: World of Dad Dance via YouTube

Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to the Dad Dance. A dad-of-two himself, he’s been rockin’ dad moves for a while now (witness 2014’s “Evolution of Dad Dancing,” a segment which racked up 11 million views on YouTube). So it’s no surprise that Jimmy perfectly pulled off a “World of Dad Dancing” segment which featured shameless dads grooving on the sidewalk outside New York City’s NBC Studios.

To the total embarrassment of their children, the for-the-most-part rhythmless fathers completely nailed it (in a total dad way) with moves like the “The Snapping Lasso,” “The Dad Jig,” and the classic “Raising the Roof.”

Click on the video below to watch the segment on YouTube.

And, if you want to see the master Dad dancer in action, check out the below “Evolution of Dad Dancing,” which had Jimmy grooving with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (they both have matching khaki dad pants!). That segment was later outdone by “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” which paired a mom-dressed Jimmy alongside First Lady Michelle Obama.

One thing is for sure: between the ridiculous dance moves and his two adorable kid books — Jimmy may be one of the world’s coolest (totally embarrassing) dads.

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