It’s no secret that TV host and superstar Ellen DeGeneres is more than generous. The celeb is constantly giving and giving and giving to others. The daytime host’s generosity seems to know no bounds. Recently, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel was on the receiving end of one of DeGeneres’ gigantically generous acts. And we’ve got the scoop on what the constantly caring comic did.

When Kimmel announced that his son Billy was born with a genetic heart condition, and had to undergo two surgeries to correct it, every parent—scratch that, everyone—felt for him. At the time, DeGeneres responded by helping to raise $1 million in honor of Billy. The donation, to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, wasn’t the last of the daytime host’s generous acts. Not by far.

On Tuesday’s The Ellen Show, Kimmel found out that DeGeneres had done even more to help. During the interview, she told Kimmel, “We called our friends at Children’s Hospital LA, including Billy’s surgeon.” Then she dropped the amazing news and wonderfully thoughtful gift: “We have named one of the rooms of the Heart Institute floor in honor of Billy.”

The surprise continued with a video clip of Billy’s doctor and nurses and a sign (on the hospital room) that read, “In Honor of Billy Kimmel.” The proud papa thanked the generous DeGeneres and even got cutely comical when he found out that some of the hospital’s nurses were in the audience, joking to them, “You should be at work!”

Has someone done something super-generous for your child? Share their act of kindness with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop


Featured image TheEllenShow via YouTube



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