After Halloween the big question remains, “What to do with all that candy?” Do you let them eat it all, donate it or switch-witch it? If you happen to be Jimmy Kimmel, you use it to play a hilarious prank on your kids.

Late night, host Jimmy Kimmel has been encouraging viewers for years to share their videos of pranking their kids by stealing their Halloween candy. This year he decided to take the pranks home to his own family and shared the hilarious results on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel’s adorable daughter seems to take the news pretty well when he announces that he has devoured her entire trick-or-treating stash.

Although she is disappointed that all her candy is seemingly gone, she is easily distracted by the waffles cooking in the background. Or maybe it’s just that with a dad like Kimmel she’s been pranked a few times and is already wise to his ways. Either way, her reaction is totally perfect.

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